Restaurant Vinum Galeria Bozen

Restaurant Vinum Galeria Bozen is situated cca 20 km from Bratislava in the street Holubyho ulica 85 at the
Holy Trinity Church - see the server - in the centre of the town Pezinok famous for its viniculture and keramics. The 300 years old history of the house in the Street Holubyho ulica 85 in Pezinok is literally predetermined for its use in tourism through the furnishing of the premises as an exclusive gastronomic and wine establishment. Skills, modern technologies of wine production and professional approach of the Matyšák family and other employees of the company ensure success of this high standard project. Our solution of Wine House consists of
Wine restaurant in two rooms, Little reception room, Vinis Gallery, Two archive cellars (cellar for white and red wines, cellar for Port wines), Wine shop – sale of wine as take away

The enterprise is stocked with our own products and controlled directly by the owner. It ensures long-term high standard and the quality of provided services. With regards to its style the restaurant is used by wide range of domestic and foreign tourists. There are operations for visitors, and for closed companies, for social and entertainment events and festive occasions.
The category of restaurant has a special character in the form of wine restaurant aimed at the original, primarily Slovak gastronomy and the offer of wines especially of Slovak production.

This establishment contributes to the existence of another important, as well as unique stop-over on the already famous Little Carpathian wine road.

Wine house in the Holubyho St. in Pezinok, the one which is 300 years old. It is historic and preserved house. In reconstruction it was renewed and preserved for future generations. 30-year professional and practical experience of the owner as well as of the management guarantee high standard of provided services.
The company belongs to the prominent Slovak producers and has the greatest supply of wine products.
Due to its decorations the building is a sample unit representing the history and tradition of the Little Carpathians and Slovak wine production suitable for excursions and education.
In Pezinok and its surroundings it is the only catering facility with seating capacity of 230 seats. This meets the constant and ever increasing demands of domestic and foreign clientele for such an establishment.
The facility supports and inspire other entrepreneurs in the town and surroundings. It strengthens the significance of tourism in the given area and Little Carpathian wine road. The facility serves to professional lectures, seminars and competitions of domestic and international wine community.

Address: Restaurant Vinum Galeria Bozen, Holubyho 85, 90201 Pezinok, Slovakia
Tel.: + 421- 33- 6409023, Fax: + 421- 33- 6413667, mobil: + 421-907-701070

Opening hours of the restaurant and wine shop
Mo. - Su.: 10:00 - 23:00
Opening hours of the Gallery
Mo. - Sa.: 17:00 - 23:00
Sunday: closed

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Site of the Restaurant Vinum Galeria Bozen Restaurant Vinum Galeria Bozen - Interior 1
Restaurant Vinum Galeria Bozen - Interior 1 Restaurant Vinum Galeria Bozen - Interior 2
Vinum galeria Bozen - Interior 1 Vinum galeria Bozen - Interior 2
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Vinum galeria Bozen - Interior 16 Archive cellar - Interior 1
Archive cellar - Interior 2 Archive cellar - Interior 3
Archive cellar - Interior 4 - 6

Vinum galeria Bozen - Wine shop 01 Vinum galeria Bozen - Wine shop 02
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