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 Pension "Pod kláštorom" - guesthouse.

The pension, with its family atmosphere, is situated 20 km from Bratislava in the centre of a royal town of Pezinok famous for its keramics. Pezinok is also known as the main centre of wine production. It takes only two minutes walk to get to the historic centre of the town. There you can find various historical sights such as the oldest Capuchin monastery of the Austria-Hungarian Empire, the first middle Europe water castle where the Slovak national saloon of wine is currently located. There is also a shopping centre, a number of coffee bars, excellent restaurants, e.g. Vinum Galery Bozen of a wine-grower Matysak, in the city centre. The Pension "Pod Kláštorom" ranks among the best accommodation facilities located in the near proximity of Bratislava city, the capital of the Slovak republic. We offer a high standard accommodation in our pension. The building itself was originally built in 1640 as a town house and has been recently reconstructed. The newer part of the pension was built a few years ago. The pension is non-smoking. Smoking is allowed in restricted areas only.

Address:  Penzión pod kláštorom
, Holubyho 61, 920 01 Pezinok, Slovakia
GPS: 48°17'14.48"N, 17°16'3.94"E
Recepcia: mobil +421 903 926 166, +421 911 700 390
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Surroundings of the Pension "Pod kláštorom"

 "Pod kláštorom" guesthouse

 Pension "Pod kláštorom" - exterior 01  Pension "Pod kláštorom" - exterior 02
 Pension "Pod kláštorom" - receptiom 01  Pension "Pod kláštorom" - receptiom 02
 Pension "Pod kláštorom" - interior 01  Pension "Pod kláštorom" - interior 02
 Pension "Pod kláštorom" - interior 03  Pension "Pod kláštorom" - interior 04
 Pension "Pod kláštorom" - interior 05  Pension "Pod kláštorom" - interior 06
 Pension "Pod kláštorom" - interior 07  Pension "Pod kláštorom" - interior 08
 Pension "Pod kláštorom" - interior 09  Pension "Pod kláštorom" - interior 10
 Pension "Pod kláštorom" - interior 11  Pension "Pod kláštorom" - interior 12
 Pension "Pod kláštorom" - interior 13 - 15

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