Lekáreň TILIA Pharmacy

TILIA Pharmacy is to be found in Piešťany spa cca 300 m from railway and bus station on the street Staničná ulica 3622 - see server Barrrier free TILIA Pharmacy offers various products, drugs, vitamins, natural extracts, homeopathics, tea, medical tea, diet and herbal products, food suplements, baby food, orthopedic shoes and medical cosmetics (VICHY, Avene, Bioderma, Dead See cosmetics, La Roche Posay, D´oliva etc.). The pharmacy sells healing cosmetics and other pharmacy goods on the spa island Kúpeľný ostrov in the Pharma centrum too. Next photos show surroundings of the TILIA Pharmacy, its site and interior too.

Address: Lekáreň TILIA, Staničná ulica 3622 , 92101 Piešťany, Slovakia
Tel.: + 421- 33-7744010, Fax: + 421- 33-7723957

Opening hours
Mo. - Fr: 9:00 - 17:00
Sa: 8:30 - 12:00
Sunday and holydays: closed


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Piešťany railway station - surroundings of the Pharmacy

TILIA Pharmacy

TILIA Pharmacy - Interior 01

TILIA Pharmacy - Interior 02

TILIA Pharmacy - Interior 03 TILIA Pharmacy - Interior 04
TILIA Pharmacy - Interior 05 TILIA Pharmacy - Interior 06
TILIA Pharmacy - Interior 07 - 09

TILIA Pharmacy - Interior 10

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