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Recreation and relaxation water world of Senec Aquathermal park is situated cca 20 km from Bratislava in a well-known resort Sunny Lakes (Slnečné jazerá) in Senec. Due to its purpose and location it provides accessible rest whole year round in beautiful environment of a sought-after resort close to all important roads. Visitors of all age categories will find something special for themselves in our facility. Aquapark offers its visitors warm water in 9 pools with different temperature and size whole year round. Our water world has an inner part and an outer part, what enables its function whole year round. The inner part offers its services also in winter and has two over-ground floors. There is also a recreation pool with attractions and a rest pool in the pool hall, where the water temperature is 32-36 degrees Celsius. Children may take a bath in a pool for children. There is also sauna world in this part of Aquapark, which offers all types of sauna and two intense massage bubble pools with different water
temperature. It is also possible to use the 80 m long spiral chute, which starts and ends in the indoor part, all year round. Visitors may refresh themselves in the pool hall in the self-service sport bar, where you can choose from a rich offer of beverages, cold and hot meals. From the entrance hall you will get to a modern restaurant on the first floor, with excellent cuisine to which belongs a summer terrace with a beautiful view on the whole aquapark area.
The outer part represents approximately two thirds of area of aquapark. You can find a swimming pool with water temperature 26-28 degrees Celsius here. You will get to the pool hall through a swim-over pool. The slides and spiral chute end in the smallest outdoor pools. Refreshment is provided by buffets. Deckchairs with sunshades are also a part of aquapark’s equipment. We also offer playgrounds for beach volleyball and a playground for children in the area.
If you want to get rid of the problem what to do with money during your stay in aquapark, this will be solved by a novelty - chip system of payment. You will get a chip bracelet, which records the amount spent in the refreshment facilities. You will need cash only on your departure, when you will pay altogether.

The staff of Aquathermal Senec a. s. are looking forward to your visit.

Address: AQUATHERMAL SENEC, a.s., Slnečné jazerá - sever, 903 01 Senec
Tel.: +421-2-14648021,
Po. - Ne.: 10.00 - 22.00 celoročne
URL: , e-mail: 

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Aerial photo - area of the Aquapark Senec 01

Aerial photo - area of the Aquapark Senec 02

Aquapark Senec Aquapark Senec - exterior 01
Aquapark Senec - exterior 02
Aquapark Senec - exterior 03
Aquapark Senec - exterior 04 Aquapark Senec - exterior 05
Aquapark Senec - exterior 06 Aquapark Senec - exterior 07
Aquapark Senec - exterior 08 Aquapark Senec - exterior 09
Aquapark Senec - exterior 10 Aquapark Senec - exterior 11
Aquapark Senec - exterior 12 Aquapark Senec - exterior 13
Aquapark Senec - exterior 14 Aquapark Senec - exterior 15
Aquapark Senec - exterior 16 Aquapark Senec - exterior 17
Aquapark Senec - exterior 18
Aquapark Senec - interior 01 Aquapark Senec - interior 02
Aquapark Senec - interior 03 Aquapark Senec - interior 04
Aquapark Senec - interior 05 Aquapark Senec - interior 06
Aquapark Senec - sauna 01 Aquapark Senec - sauna 02
Aquapark Senec - sauna 03 Aquapark Senec - sauna 04
Aquapark Senec - interior 07 Aquapark Senec - interior 08
Aquapark Senec - interior 09 Aquapark Senec - interior 10
Aquapark Senec - massage & sauna 01 - 03

Aquapark Senec - interior 11

Aquapark Senec - interior 12

Aquapark Senec - summer terrace of the restaurant 01 Aquapark Senec - summer terrace of the restaurant 02
Aquapark Senec - interior of the restaurant 01 Aquapark Senec - interior of the restaurant 02
Aquapark Senec - interior of the restaurant 03 Aquapark Senec - interior of the restaurant 04
Aquapark Senec - interior of the restaurant 05 Aquapark Senec - interior of the restaurant 06
Aquapark Senec - exterior 19
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